Angular Material and semantic icon identifiers

Photo by Harpal Singh on Unsplash

What we have:

  • Angular Material project,
  • with one or more icon libraries included as dependencies,
  • maybe some custom icons and/or icon fonts added as assets,
  • and icons used like this:
  • and if you pass icons around as parameters to your components, things can get ugly:

What we want to have:

  • semantically meaningful and uniform way to refer to icons in our code,
  • using single string as an identifier, e.g. in template:
  • or in TypeScript:

How to achieve that:

  • assign meaningful names to all icons in the app,
  • add all of them to a single CSS “namespace”,
  • make that “namespace” a default one for <mat-icon>.

And now step-by-step, using Font Awesome and SCSS as an example:

  1. Add npm package:

2. Add new entry to all asset sections of angular.json:

3. Import Font Awesome source into main project stylesheet (or create a separate file with and then import it from src/style.scss):

4. Define your icons using nice, descriptive names which are relevant to your app, and place them into some “namespace”:

5. Repeat steps 1–4 for any other icon set you need to use, be it some NPM package, or icon font provided by designer. (Note: if your icons are provided as .svg files, you can combine them into a single font, using tools like

6. Make that namespace default, e.g. from AppModule:

7. And now you can use it in templates like this:

And I think that looks good.